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Last 2 classes of the "Ecological Gardening based on Permaculture" course

The last 2 classes were great!

The last permaculture class was about waterhavesting. I still don't understand why we ( people of Curaçao) are hardly catching any rainwater ;-(

This is a topic what could be way much more in depth! May I should start designing a special workshop (hands on) day with it!

The last day was a nice walk in the nature where people could listen to endless value information of Michelle Da Costa Gomez about wild growing fruits and Vegetables of Curacao!

The last but certainly not least part was the delious meals everybody brougth. It was not just a meal!!! The challenge was to put as much local grown products of Curacao in the meal!

Also we connected them with the facebook group where other people from the last time followed the "Ecological gardening course and permaculture workshop in Aruba & Curacao. In this way we stay connected and can help eache other so there is a slow and steady movement going on!

Can't wait till the next course!

It was again much fun with you guys! ( Michelle da Costa Gomez & Leon Pors)

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