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Methods of Design Part 5 Of "Ecological Gardening course" Based on Permaculture on Curaca

This evening it was all about design! The first steps of creating a good design.

Also the first steps of where everybody is starting to connect all the little things and big things together.

Where are you going to place what? And with what kind of purpose?

Trying to connect everything together for more functional and more sustainable way.

Minimum input and the maximum out put is what the students are putting in their minds when they are going to design.

We started with a mind-refreshment-game!

We've been giving away so much information and you already have to start playing with all the new information.... so it is good to help each other out about what they remembered from the lessons before.

Besides just sitting the whol evening in these hot evenings without wind we have.... started to measure their place and how to put it on their A3/A4 paper format.

Looking forward to their designs!

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