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SEA = Students' Enviroment Awareness

SEA Curacao organises "lessons outside", by taking the material out of the book, the students out of theclassroom and the teachers out of the traditional school system! During those lessons students are offered the curriculum in an alternative way and location, close to their interests and experiences. The goal is to motivatethe students to make a success of their schoolcareer!

Last week Beroots permaculture was volunteering again For SEA Curaçao. This time we were in Punda (Our city) The students making a search in the city. They had to ask wich Ministery was doing what! Not even that there were also questions about how old the building were, what it was before. We have some really nice antique buildings in town. One is even an old temple. In this fun way they get to know their own city. The were becoming more aware. Not only building but also they went to the local market to see what they sell and to distinguish all kind of food.

It was a great pleasure to volunteer for SEA Curaçao! They are doing an amamzing job in Awareness From the permaculture point of view, they are doing a super good job for Community building. One of the ethics of Permaculture is: Take care for the people.

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