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SEA =  Students' Enviroment Awarness Curaçao

Beroots is volunteering this amazing Project

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Projects about Community Building on Curacao Caribbean

Permaculture is not only about home gardening or farming. It is more than that! One of the main topics is also Community Building.


A very inspiring international Community Building Project is " Before I die I want to ..."

It pays attention about that people are being aware what the real importance of life is! This is where the people can write down on a chalkboard what there biggest wish or dream is before they would die. It connects people  with each other and with themselves.


Together with 3 amazing ladies and Beroots created a project like this on Curacao! The chalkboards are moving from one location to the other so that everybody is able to write something down.


We would love to invite you for a visit at:

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