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SEA = Students' Enviroment Awareness

SEA Curacao organises "lessons outside", by taking the material out of the book, the students out of theclassroom and the teachers out of the traditional school system! During those lessons students are offered the curriculum in an alternative way and location, close to their interests and experiences. The goal is to motivatethe students to make a success of their schoolcareer!

Again it was such a fun thing to do!

Guiding those kids and making them more aware about what to do where, what are the living and non living oragnisms in the city, what to buy with certain amount of money, where to find gouverment buildings in Punda ( our city), The buthcher was challenging the teenagers to guess which organ was what. and my favourite part they needed to find out on the floating market ( a place where boats are sailing in from Venezuela where they sell fruits and vegetables) What are seeds, fruits, leaves etc. It was not so easy for them.

There was even one sales men who enjoyed this so much and offered to the children for each half a passion fruit topped with honey and a straw.

But most important that they needed to learn is how to work together. Such a great value for community building.

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