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Permaculture on Curacao and Caribbean!

Bon Bini na Korsou! Welcome on CURAÇAO, the pearl of the Caribbean!

To make an effort to keep it that way, it is with great pleasure that I introduce PERMACULTURE there. PERMACULTURE is a system directed to sustainability and community-building. CURAÇAO is a semi-arid climate and a beautiful melting-pot of different cultures where Permaculture brings in a perfect solution for the daily problems.

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What is permaculture?

Permaculture are design systems for sustainable living and landscaping. It is based on ethics and supported by principles.


The ethics are:


"Take care of the People"

  Which means that you look after yourself, family, neighbors, your local society. Also you must ensure that you take your own responsibility.


"Take care of the Earth"

Taking care of the soil is taking care of your people. Reducing consumption, reduces the impact on the enviroment. Make sure that all biological circles are closed.


"Take Care of Surplus" Share your yield, knowledge,limit you consumption and recylce.


Originally Permaculture comes from Australia.

Bill Molisson and David Holmgren are the founders of Permaculture. They discovered it in the late '70.

Australia is a continent that suffers a lot from hard wind, drought and soil erosion, Together with the intensive conventional agricultural farming it causes lots of problems. 

Bill Molisson and David Holmgren were looking for solutions. They went into the woods of Tasmania to study the ecosystems.

Everytime they they left the forest they brought lots of information and new discoveries. This is where the first principles got developed in Permaculture.
















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